Author: alexbetheras


A sloppy and sentimental piece about the secrets and details of my life and a simple app on my phone.  I love writing and on many occasions have started journals. Some I stick with for months, but all I eventually abandon.  The half full pages tell stories, keep my darkest secrets, have poems and artwork. […]

A Perfectionist’s Musings

Productivity: the state or quality of being productive* Objectively productivity is a good thing, it is what drives society, it is what allows things to get done. Productivity makes the world go around. As the world transitioned into working from their homes not offices, the influx of of posts about productive WFH began. I cannot […]

Origin Story

I’ve been avidly reading blogs for the last decade or so of my life. I’ve always loved them as a form of artistic expression and how the authors can convey their perspective on a variety of topics, from the seemingly trivial things, to essays on the serious topics being debated in this day and age. […]