Hi, I’m Alexandra

For those of you have stumbled across my blog (and who aren’t my lovely friends taking the time to read my musings to be supportive) allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m a 22 year old living in Adelaide, South Australia. I study law, arts (majoring in politics), and a diploma of languages in French at the University of Adelaide. I have about a year of university to complete before I graduate.

I grew up in Cairns, Queensland where I lived my entire life until I moved at 18 to Adelaide to start university. Both my parents still live up there, so I’m very fortunate to have one of the world’s best tropical tourist locations that I can visit whenever I want.

This blog exists to be an extension of my hobbies and the topics I’m passionate about. You will find a variety lifestyle content on every thing from what I’m currently reading, to fashion and beauty, to my favourite recipes, to organisation tips and even on occasion my thoughts on topics from my studies.

When I was writing this I asked a few of my closest friends how they would introduce me so I’ll leave you with their words:

This is Alex, she’s a final year law student, president of the debating society and wants to be a tax lawyer.”

Alex, 22. Country girl in the city. Likes: flowers, tax law, Catholicism, sit coms, baking, Polish culture, choc raspberry protein bars & most forms of alcohol

One of the smartest normal people I know, very funny and quick witted. Says yeet too often

Alexandra Betheras: major virgo traits, very boss b*tch go and get ’em but with a sense of humour”